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Yalantis –  full-stack mobile (iOS, Android) and web app design and development company.
We excel in customer-centered user experience and user interface design. We deliver expected value to our clients by focusing on KPI in our approach to app development. We optimize our products at every stage of their development to give our clients maximum value for minimum effort.

Yalantis is a sum of great technology, innovative business culture and smart people. Our values are what we respect and care about. We try to build friendly and supportive environment people would like to work in.

Latest case studies:

Homesway – Real Estate, US

Talos – Sports, US

Snapbook – eCommerce,

Kuwait Brilliant Move – Logistics,

US Autoportal – Marketplace, India

We work with small and medium size businesses and startups. Our company’s brand is well-known among executives in New York, Silicon Valley, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Kiev. Check out our Github and Dribbble profiles.