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The company is engaged in accepting payments through self-service terminals since 2007.

Our company’s head office is located in Dnipro.

We are one of the most technologically advanced financial companies. We invest in software quality. Since 2013, we have migrated all terminals from Windows to Linux. Our Antifroud system uses its own scoring model for detection and cease fraudulent payments. The team of programmers-engineers constantly updates and upgrades the system of protection, taking into account all factors and types of fraud, which were faced at least once. A lot of settings and options of blocking in this system, are helping us to track and prevent fraudulent transactions in the future. The own staff of programmers quickly integrates the latest payment tools and solutions.

We were the first company in Ukraine, that has started card calculation system through self-service terminals using POS-terminals.

Thanks to innovation and flexibility in solving business issues, nowadays we have more than 150 owners of terminals as our partners.